Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Language is not a barrier to a Good Friendship

Just few more days here in Office, and I'm already missing the people here...
a Korean engineer I met during my trip to Dubai and Istanbul in May 08...Used to tell me eat CATS for stamina....then you can work all i did eat CAT finally :)

We had a conversation today....I'm touched really ... a part of it....

Me: hi
YH: Hi
How are you?
Long time no see~
Me: I am very are you ?
I will be leaving SISO this friday. Going for MBA
YH: Opp~~~~~s
I didn't study english anymore
정말 정말 축하합니다
[ I really must congratulate ]
in Korean, 항상 행복하고 뜻을 이루길 빕니다
[ Will always be happy and wish to come true ]
Good saying.
Me: I will translate by Google
very much
YH: Where do you go for MBA?
Me: its one of the best colleges of India "Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode"
YH: marriage?
Me: haha after 2 year ...after MBA ...i'm only 25
YH: How did you decide MBA?
Me: How is your work it tough like before ?
YH: Nope easy easy very easy
But i have to finish whole work by 8 PM.
I have a log of conversation for you~
But I can't tell you in english~
Oh my god~~~
Me: send me in korean
YH: 그날 이후로 참 많이 보고 싶었는데
내 업무가 많이 변하게 되었다
그래서 너한테 직접적으로 연락하지 못하게 된게
많이 아쉬웠는데 이렇게 먼저 연락을 해주어서 너무 고맙다
그런데 기쁨도 잠시고
갑자기 MBA로 간다는게 ..
미안하기도하고 다시 만나지 못할까봐 아쉽기도 하고 그러네
Did you get it?
[ Since that day I've missed a lot
My work has changed a lot
So you were somehow prevented direct contact
And had the first contact but it has given me so thank you so
But joy jamsigo
We're going to suddenly do MBA ..
Sorry, sometimes lots of delicious food, and would never meet again, right?
Did you get it?
Me: yes I translated by google.

YH: 정말 너 때문이라도 영어공부 다시 해야겠다
[ You should do it again, because even learn English ]
Translation by google is not perfect
Anyway I will be in touch with you on your blog~

Me: yes we shall
tell me when you come to India
we'll meet

YH: I'll~
Good Luck
완전 성공하길~

Its not easy to move away from old friends but internet can keep us in touch ...:)