Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wanna fall in Love

As I am planning to go back to college next month. I have been thinking about it for quite few days now. What is it for? I'm not much of a studious. Neither I am much concerned about the job offers I may get after my education there. So there should be a better purpose to go back to classroom. Really!

So, How about finding my love? I think it is good idea. You never know ki aapko kya pasand aata hai. After all I'm still not sure about one thing for which I may be ready to sacrifice my sleep. Some thing which I can hold onto for more than a couple of months. A course which I can attend and enjoy irrespective of how boring or fulfulling it might be. Something which can be done without regretting doing it.

As they say Do what you love, or Love what you do. So there is the NEED to find that Love !!!

I'm gonna fall asleep listining a song on FM...

beautiful girls all over the world
i could be chasing but my time would be wasted, they got nothin' on you baby.....

Good Night.

Monday, May 10, 2010

First lesson of Management !!!

One of the most hated things I have at work place is the constant stream of E-mails in outlook from colleagues, managers, juniors. Asking hundreds of silly questions. Some are like... I lost my ID card, Lost my goggles, keys, earphones, and God knows what not!. Then there are birthdays, marriage invitations, Thirupati Prasadam, sweet at my desk, Outing planning messages, which in return create a torrents of messages from half of the recipients replying to all in the chain instead of first confused person only.

Now on the same lines, there is one more group I've joined recently for IIM Kozhikode Batch 2010-2012. In the last 4 days only, I've got 750+ mails in my Inbox....Ha! Man!! people are really excited :)

I believe most of the people are of 20+ age in this group, but the questions being asked may put a 7 something kid on back foot. The essence of all queries is almost same..."Guys! Tell me I'll be fine. Someone give it in Writing!" Its as if people are coming into this World for the first time.

As most of the people, who are working, have or are planning to resign from their present jobs, and are simply too excited to go back to college life. Others, who are still in colleges, just want to finish with their exams and wanna ride on the bandwagon as soon as possible.

I can see my first lesson in all this hoopla of emails, doubts, replies...and simple pink noise....Baby! get ready for the mails and replies if you wanna be a good manager....better buy a BlackBerry!!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

MDI Gurgaon Interview experience (PGPM- 2010)

These are the Questions I remember, which were asked during those 28 minutes. I'm reproducing only some of the answers, rest were just informative ....:)

Prof1: What do you feel about your Group Discussion Performance?
Was it better than other group discussions of yours?

Again another prof2: Vikam, what do you feel about your group performance?
Was it better than other group discussions of yours?

Do you have any other call?
What is your percentile?
What were your sectional scores?
Are you not good in quant section?
to CAT walon ki kuch galti rahi?

Samsung main aap kabse kaam kar rahe hain?
What applications have you developed?
Tell us some Ayats of Quran.
What is the Market share of Samsung and Nokia Mobile in India?

Your hobby is Blogging?
Can anybody blog on that?
How did you create the blog?

Which area of Rajasthan you come from?

You have done your graduation from IIT kharagpur, how was the experience, was it a dual degree program?

What do you want to do in next five years?

How can I make a blog?
Can anybody read your blog?
How many people read your blog?

What is the normal rate for AdSense advertisements?
After retirement, we can blog too...hehehehe.

Only those who know English can read blog?
Can we write in Hindi as well?
How do you write in Hindi?
Write down the URL where we can transliterate.

Do Profs from IITs also blog?
What is the address of your blog?...writes down.
Fine, thank you for all that information.

Prof: Right now you are in Technical and you are longing for managerial job. Now these two are different. Right! You are good at technical job, that doesn’t mean you will be good at managerial job, and most of the good managers are not good at technical job.

ME: In my case, I want my development manager to be good in technical field as well ....laughter. so that when I propose a solution, he should understand the complexities involved.

Prof: That’s why technical people make good managers in most of the cases...
So what is the specific management skill, we should think, you have which will make you a good manager.

Me: Right now, the most important thing I find in myself is that I gel with people very easily. There are some guys which are silent most of the time, while there are some who are very much talkative. What I ensure is that I fall in their comfort zone. Like, I can go out for lunch with them. I want that every manger whether at lower level or at top level should give time to their employees so that he can feel their requirements. And what is the perspective of the employee, it’s more important to know that. And one such example I find is Vineet Nayar of HCL infotech, because his policy is Employee first, consumer second. He has made HCL as one of the best places to work. So first, management should make sure that employees are giving their best and continue to do that. I think consumers can be disloyal, they will find another good product any dump you in a month. They won’t even care whether you existed or not. (Prof: Why one month they can do that in a moment!! ME: everyone takes time to decide.) on the other hand employees will work to come up with the new products.
Apart from that I’m very particular about my performance and when I report to my manager I report in proper way and if I have any issue I directly talk to my manager so that I don’t give any opportunity to him to complain about me. These are some of the aspects which I’ve learned at the Job, actually!!!

Prof: Very good! Vikram, do you have sense of humour? Hahahaha....
Me: Blah blah...

Prof: Give us an example of your sense of humour. Apne shahar ke latife sunayiye....
Me:Ok. One example I can give you is about a marriage I attended recently. Where my friends asked me to do some kind of Engineering Dance!....

Prof: If I may ask you, what is your caste !!
Me: Jat

Prof: To unke kuch example dijiye humko...heehhehe...
Me: Jats are like Just Avoid Them...heheheh

Prof: Accha yah bataiye...what is the difference between Product design and Service design?

Prof: Now, what is the common thing in these?
Me: Consumer !

Prof: Very good !! do you want to ask us anything ?
Me: No sir. I had very good experience with you. I’m very happy with that. Thanks.

Do you have any other call?
How serious are about MBA?
Me: I am very interested in this sir, infact I've been saving my salery for fee for some time.

Prof: How much have you saved?
Me: around X lakhs

Prof1: But that will not be sufficient....
Prof2: Admission ho jayega. Loan wagarah le lena.
Yes, First year I”ll cover with my savings, and for second year I’ll arrange for a loan :)
Prof1: Haan, humara jo banker hai he can arrange ....money is not a problem.
Bahut accha, best of luck. Good Luck. So we should remember that JAT means Just Avoid Them !!..hahaha
Me: No sir, It was just a joke. If you see, even my blog address is JustAnyTime, which also stands for JAT...hehehe...or it depends on the people what they make of it.
It’s like I’m available any time for my friends and collegues.

Prof1: Come back, baithiye. There is one social concern issue. Abhi aapne Khaap ke bare main suna hoga. Kya jante ho uske bare main aur uske bare main aapke views kya hain.
My view is that society should change with time. The reasons for Caste and Gotras were different, but now we are living in globalised world and we should adapt to that instead of being left alone..
And some bakar for next 2-3 mins.....

Verdict: Converted :)

We were 10 ppl for that panel. 2 girls and 8 boys. I found that I am the only boy selected while both girls have made it in final list.

Leave your comments...:)