Saturday, January 07, 2012

Godgiri - The past and future of communication

If you have seen any of the TV serial based on Hindu mythologies, you’ll remember the way Gods used to communicate with each other; they’ll just think in their head and communicate the messages to whomever they wished. Someone will have a dream while others will get it through self realization. For example - Narada Muni, the eternal reporter, passed on his message to Shiva. Hanuman Ji used to close his eyes and offer his prayers to Rama, and Rama in turn used to smile and talk to Him. Many devotees still do the same but it’s not clear for me whether the Gods listen to these prayers.

There are many communication mediums, like this blogging platform, available now by which it’s so easy to get your voice heard to other people but it requires highly complex networks and processing power which were unimaginable to most of the people just few decades back.

Just think, how convenient it will be if the Gods' Brain wave communication system really works in our day to day lives without the need of these modern digital gadgets. You close your eyes, establish a connection with the person you want to talk to and he/she listens to you. You can even figure out how many people are thinking or talking about you. There can also be a deluge of messages but you can priorities, which you want to subscribe like on Facebook and Twitter.

It’ll obviously have it negative implications as well, but you can go into invisible mode or simply block the person you don’t want to communicate with. I read an article in the Economist that scientists have developed a technology by which it’s possible to know what a person is thinking, as a certain part of the brain is activated in the process.

Right now, this thought also looks childish or quixotic, but I’m sure there will be a time when this will be possible. There will also be hackers who would like to break into your head and try to get the access to the data stored in your brain cells, with new rules being drawn up  to stop the malpractices.

There are some artificial intelligence applications available now which can talk to you like real people, sometimes even better.

A real  chat on

It’s only a matter of time when these technologies are advanced to a next level when there won’t a need for any technology at all and it will be as simple as the Gods have in the TV serials. Even you will need to visit this blog as I’ll directly send my thoughts to you and get your comments!