Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wanna fall in Love

As I am planning to go back to college next month. I have been thinking about it for quite few days now. What is it for? I'm not much of a studious. Neither I am much concerned about the job offers I may get after my education there. So there should be a better purpose to go back to classroom. Really!

So, How about finding my love? I think it is good idea. You never know ki aapko kya pasand aata hai. After all I'm still not sure about one thing for which I may be ready to sacrifice my sleep. Some thing which I can hold onto for more than a couple of months. A course which I can attend and enjoy irrespective of how boring or fulfulling it might be. Something which can be done without regretting doing it.

As they say Do what you love, or Love what you do. So there is the NEED to find that Love !!!

I'm gonna fall asleep listining a song on FM...

beautiful girls all over the world
i could be chasing but my time would be wasted, they got nothin' on you baby.....

Good Night.

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  1. i am jus remembering your "About me" :)
    I think You can learn about me by reading my posts.