Monday, May 10, 2010

First lesson of Management !!!

One of the most hated things I have at work place is the constant stream of E-mails in outlook from colleagues, managers, juniors. Asking hundreds of silly questions. Some are like... I lost my ID card, Lost my goggles, keys, earphones, and God knows what not!. Then there are birthdays, marriage invitations, Thirupati Prasadam, sweet at my desk, Outing planning messages, which in return create a torrents of messages from half of the recipients replying to all in the chain instead of first confused person only.

Now on the same lines, there is one more group I've joined recently for IIM Kozhikode Batch 2010-2012. In the last 4 days only, I've got 750+ mails in my Inbox....Ha! Man!! people are really excited :)

I believe most of the people are of 20+ age in this group, but the questions being asked may put a 7 something kid on back foot. The essence of all queries is almost same..."Guys! Tell me I'll be fine. Someone give it in Writing!" Its as if people are coming into this World for the first time.

As most of the people, who are working, have or are planning to resign from their present jobs, and are simply too excited to go back to college life. Others, who are still in colleges, just want to finish with their exams and wanna ride on the bandwagon as soon as possible.

I can see my first lesson in all this hoopla of emails, doubts, replies...and simple pink noise....Baby! get ready for the mails and replies if you wanna be a good manager....better buy a BlackBerry!!!


  1. kya bhaat maari hai ye !!

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