Thursday, January 21, 2010

Learning to Lie.....making up stories.

"Jhooth Bolna seekho, Gaaon main nahi ho!"--R.G.
"aisa SOP to koyi bhi likh dega, Create some story"--T.A.

So guys I think, enough of personal stories, I've got to start creative writing, which means that I need to learn, how to lie, how to make stories, after all I want to get an MBA degree atleast....I think even my dad wants it for me to some extent.

So here it goes....
"Specific example of technological change faced by your organization."

Technology is something which is changing the world like never before. What is routine today may be out of sync tomorrow. To stay in the line of current of new technologies and to use these for the benefit of the organization is the duty of every alert manager. Keeping all these points in mind, I, as the chief executive officer of MySun Pvt Ltd, a company with 1436 employees on the roll, decided to introduce the electronic attendance system in my company.

The purpose was to keep track of the efforts put by the employees, Leave requests approvals, holidays etc, and to do away with the burdensome paperwork. We outsourced the required infrastructure related work such as swipe-in gates, Database support, central server maintenances, and individual electronic ID cards, to OnTime services ltd. An electronic ID card, is just the size of a Bank Debit card, has a tiny chip with necessary employee information such as unique identification number, photo, home address and a colour photo on top. It can easily put around one’s neck with a strip, such that it’s visible.

Most of the employees were happy with this move, as they no longer have to pick out a pen and sign in the register. It was easy for our clerks also, as they no longer have to dig through the attendance registers to count the work hours put by thousands of employees. For the first week, things were not as easy as expected, server broke down in the morning as hundreds of people queue up to mark their attendance at the office time of 9:00 AM, and there was a huge rush at the gate. Earlier they used to sign in the registers even after being late for more than an hour. In the heat of the moment, some hot tempered guys broke the swipe in gates, as they worried they might be marked late. We had to ask the OnTime to replace the broken items by 4:00 PM so that it is not the same mess again in the evening. From the next week onwards we increased the entry points to 4 from 2. And things returned to normal.

This system did not make to the older generation initially. They thought all this tantrum was useless, and was put in place to create a show. They wanted to go back to register attendance system. But from my point of view it turned out to be very good thing as I planned. Hundreds of folks, which were late most of the time, could be identified and given notice in written. There was no need for employees to rush to their supervisor with leave applications. At any given time we could see, how many people are inside the premises. We could see how many people did not turn up any given day just by a click of mouse, instead of manual roll call, as we used to do earlier.

This system didn’t come up at huge cost either. The overall system was set up in just Rs 8 lakhs rupees, which is equivalent to salaries of 4 clerks for a year. It did away with manual mistakes, which used to creep in while calculating total working hours and remuneration calculations. All 4 clerks were moved to more satisfying work positions, and they were happy as they no longer needed to do the boring sums and divisions.

In 2 months time I was able to see a significant positive change in employees’ attitude. Now, they were on time most of the time. We could easily calculate the overtime hours and pay accordingly. This resulted in 18% increase in the total product output for same number of working hands.

When I reported the results of the next quarter to our management board, they were all happy and appreciated me for the initiative. Now the next move is going to automate the lunch and snacks delivery in office. Employees will be encouraged to help themselves. This will save time as well as resources. Way to go!

First attempt...You can help me improve....put all your comments for sure.


  1. Dear CEO, MySun Pvt Ltd.

    It is our great pleasure to inform you that you have been chosen for the "Innovation at Workplace" award. You'll soon receive an award equivalent to the annual income of 7.5 clerks.

    Awards Committee
    Department of Departmental Maintenance

  2. @Sree...
    It was an assignment topic given in a frnds's class in IITB, he asked me to give some idea abt it....and i just got the whole story ....well, ur comment is definately a better reward than any number of clerks' salery :)

  3. I can see another chetan in the making......
    keep writing....