Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Garlands !!!

News Bees have settled down now in their new hives after buzzing for a couple of days over Maya madam's head. It was an ingenuous marketing lesson that should have been taken by aspiring managers. How effectively had Behanji used her garlands made of currency notes to garner lots of airtime and space across media, worth crores.

However the matter of my curiosity is neither Mayaji nor the Currency notes. Its about the Malas(Chains) made of different materials. Why we, in India, are so much infatuated with these garlands? Since the child is born to the time (s)he remains only in pictures and statues. It is tied with garlands. How do people feel when they are garlanded or they garland someone? Really, I mean, does it give some pleasure which I'm depriving myself till now.

If you have had any opportunity ....you may share your experience :)

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