Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A testimonial from my pillow

Hello Roomie,

It’s the time when you and your batch-mates are going to leave the Kampus, everyone is busy writing testimonials to their close friends. You too shall write to some of your close friends and hopefully some of them will also do the favor for you. I too thought of leaving a note while you are still asleep.

You know it well that I’ve been your closest friend over these months you’ve been here. It’s another matter that you’ve not even changed or washed my cover in these two years, and I smell like a rotten pig, but its only you who had to smell me, I don’t complain much. I’ve been lucky that you’ve not burned me with cigarettes and did not puke over me after your daru-parties. I'm thankful for it.

All said, there are many memories of yours which I’ll cherish. The way you cuddled with me in not so cold nights of Kerala. The giggles I used to have when you shouted WTF, whenever you were bitten by the ants who roamed on your bed to collect the food particles and the dead insects. I’ve also seen you watching not so civilized kind of videos and wasting time on facebook, but I kept quite. It’s your personal life and I don’t believe in being too possessive.

I need to confess that I tried to eavesdrop on the talks which used to go on in your head, I don't know whom you talked to in your dreams. But, I also got quite angry once when you showered a torrent of blows on me without any mistake of mine and in the end it was I who wiped your tears when you cried. I hope your remember that.

You’ve got a job, though not as high salary as newspapers wallas want people to believe. I’m sure you are going to start a new life with a new pillow and leave me here. It’s ok! I don’t want you to get emotional about me. You need to move on! You’ve got a life ahead. I’ll be happy with Chechi, if she agrees to take me with herself or I’ll walk away with the goonj people.

I hope you’ll have wonderful time with the new pillows. Best wishes!

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