Friday, October 25, 2013

Securing First Division by Jumping the Bell Curve!

Playing with the Rajasthan Board Exam Results for year 2013 is Fun!! You can certainly do some hair splitting when you've got the result data for almost 2 million students.

Here you'll See, How Students of Rajasthan Board are adept at making it into First or Second Division.

As its clear in plots ( % Marks vs Number of Students), some students have got a special talent of making it into their desired passing division. Everything goes fine in the following graph, it is almost a perfect Bell Curve (Read: Normal Distribution) and as it reaches the threshold marks for getting a First or Second Division, it somehow gets the super normal energy and directly jump over the boundary, and then gets back to normal!

                                            Click on the images to see in a better resolution.

In the 10th Exam plots, Surprisingly the number of students who got 45%, which qualifies them to get a Second Division, is almost ten times of the number of students who are just one mark short at 44.83%.

As they reach 45.17%, everything gets back to normal.

It gets even better when we reach the limit of getting a first division at 60% marks. It seems that all the students who were getting 59.83% are forcibly pushed upwards to get 60% by giving them an extra mark. If it has really been the case, at which stage of evaluation or result processing is this done?

Its not only for the 10th standard exam. The amazing pattern continues for 12th Standard exams of the Rajasthan Board !! See for yourself.

Its tough to understand, how a smooth normal distribution curve, gets a spike and the number of students who have got 59.8% are just 4 while just after 1 mark (0.2%) at 60%, we have got 1,070 students, securing a perfect First Division.

It seems as if the Rajasthan Board has a policy of pushing the students into first and second division by awarding a grace of 1 marks.

After all a lot of Job vacancies require applicants to have a First or Second division to qualify for selection process. Students should either thank their luck or the Rajasthan Board that they are eligible for these opportunities.

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  1. Clever ! Insightful !! Wonder what made you research this ...