Thursday, September 17, 2015

Android Apps Statistics - Google Play Store - Sept 2015

One with Special interest in mobile apps, I have been tracking Apps on Google play for a year now.

I've tracked close to 1.7 million apps on Google Play Store. As of 14th Sept'2015. There were 17,00,835 apps on the Play store which my crawler could find.

There may be some more newly launched apps which don't show up in Search or Similar Apps Section on Google Play. It's hard to find these as crawler couldn't trace these easily. So total apps launched on Google play may be around 1.75 millions.

1.42 million apps are live now while 280K apps have been removed by Google from Play Store for some reason!

82% of the live Apps have less than 10,000 downloads.

About 1% of total apps have more than 1 million downloads! 

This is where everyone wants to be :)

As per AppBrain (17th Sept 2015) there are close to 1.7 million apps on Play Store. So I'm sure my estimations are pretty accurate!!

Appbrain guys are still counting the dead apps.. as only 1.42 million apps are live and downloadable!

Comment below if you wanna know more about these stats and need to compare your apps w.r.t. others in the category or the Store.


  1. Hi Vikram,
    As always, you have done a marvelous job. And I believe your statistics is quite useful in understanding the App world.

    Can you please try to answer few questions which came to my mind after reading your blog.
    a) What are the categories of the Apps among top 1%.
    b) Is there any common thread that connects them, e.g. most of them are social media or games or news
    c) Which is the most successful App developer? The developer having Max no. of Apps in top 20% (say)

    etc etc

    I would love to see your response on above lines.... Thanks for your blog post and plz keep writing. Love ur work.

    1. Thanks!! Answers to your questions are -

      a. All 40 categories are present in top 1% Apps. Top 15 Being ..

      App_Category App_Count
      Casual 1,282
      Tools 1,242
      Entertainment 820
      Arcade 773
      Personalization 738
      Puzzle 694
      Photography 624
      Action 544
      Racing 516
      Sports 509
      Lifestyle 490
      Music & Audio 462
      Productivity 451
      Communication 446

      b. Most of these are the categories which allow people - TimePass!!

      c. Top 20 successful developers as per the count of Million+ apps are ..

      Developer Count 101
      TabTale 99
      Fingersoft 57
      Sony+Mobile+Communications 56
      IGG.COM 48
      Zakeh 48
      Disney 47
      NEKKI 43
      GO+Launcher+Dev+Team 39
      Doodle+Mobile+Ltd. 38
      Words+Mobile 38
      Kaufcom+Games+Apps+Widgets 36 36
      Yahoo+Japan+Corp. 35
      TutoTOONS+Kids+Games 34
      GO+Dev+Team 33
      Salon%E2%84%A2 33
      GO+Keyboard+Dev+Team 32
      NTT+DOCOMO 31
      Ketchapp 30

      This analysis has taken me an Hour!! Happy to share the knowledge... :)