Tuesday, January 06, 2009

About ME.

MY NAME IS RED, am right now in CATCH-22 situation, because I spent A LOTs of NIGHTs @ CALL CENTER (read IIT hostel, Dep or whatever ) to do EXPERIMENTS WITH TRUTH and to become an ALCHEMIST, but the results were not as expected, so had to be content with SEVEN POINT SOMEONE and had to work with INSCRUTABLE AMERICANS, who practiced FRECONOMICS and their RICH DAD became POOR DAD. now they are going to be the MONKS WHO SOLD THEIR FERRARIs and some of their VERONICAs have DECIDED to DIE. ok...enough of my quibbling.....before the ATLAS SHRUGGs I need to return to my work and reach THE FOUNTAINHEAD of success. Then I'll probably get the FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT.

About Friends:

For me Friends are like Books, I picked up many of them....read some of them....understood few of them and learned something from most of them.

more to add:

The Kite Runner
Plans for Departure
Screw It, Let's Do It. :)


  1. heard u say reading novels many times. can see that effect now. good attempt in summarising the names. curious to know wat u learnt from the book "ganesh ram" :P

  2. The only information i got from this passage of urs. is the names of novels u memorized long back but takes you so long to construct u such a simple sentence which i gave you as a home work 6 month back, but ur effort is appreciated..keep it up but try to be a little fast.

  3. bahut kitaabein padh rahe ho :)