Friday, April 03, 2009

The Sun Rises Again...

P: shayad aapko pata hoga.......
Me: i dont care
leave the past ... live in present
blog padha ki nahin mera
P: that also contain smthings from past.....

I think in some cases my Past will always be Present with me and I'm happy to live with that...

It was the dawn as usual, but there was something unusual for the day, I didn't go to office to exhaust my last remaining casual leave(CL) of the financial year. I woke up at around noon, had Maggie for lunch around 2:00 pm and continued with Midnight's Children.

At 3:01 pm phone rang, and I answered it saying "Oh my God !" I could not believe my ears as I heard that Voice after almost five years....well conversation continued for around....that I'll not write in this open diary.

It was something very nostalgic .... a kind of SUN rising after many Years.

Happy Fools day .... ;)[Written on 01-04-2009]


  1. After 5 years :))
    is that ur school friend ???

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  4. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....